Find Out Why Dental Exams are Vital for Your Dental Health

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Several patients might question if visiting the dentist two times per year is really required for their oral wellness. The truth is that without twice-yearly dental evaluations and cleanings, your dental wellness and your complete health may be negatively affected. At Chestnut Hill Dental, regular dental visits are good for diminishing your odds of having periodontal disease with decay prevention. Our Chestnut Hill, MA specialists understand that to care for your oral structures, you need to come to our local office at least twice a year.

Steps taken during an oral evaluation?

Throughout a dental exam at Chestnut Hill Dental, we examine your upper face, neck, jaw, and lymph nodes. The last portion of your dental exam might comprise:

  • Evaluating your gumline for signs of periodontal disease
  • Assessing for any fractured or loose teeth
  • Assessing your jaw alignment
  • Examining for indications of throat or mouth cancer
  • Detecting wear and tear to old dental fillings
  • Offering a 3D x-ray

At our Chestnut Hill, MA office, we utilize digital x-rays to get a more thorough picture of every person's dental health. If dental complications are treated early on, you decrease your need for more costly or invasive services in the long run. After your oral assessment, one of our talented hygienists will offer a teeth cleaning. A teeth cleaning is as critical as a dental exam because it keeps your teeth and gums in good shape and minimizes the risks of developing dental caries or periodontal disease.

Ask us why routine oral exams are important for your oral health

There are numerous perks to getting an oral exam every year, including:

  • Identifying periodontal disease rapidly
  • Treating throat or mouth cancer early
  • Caring for less severe dental health concerns rapidly
  • Reversing teeth grinding
  • Identifying different health troubles
  • Showing you effective dental cleaning practices
  • Checking your jaw or teeth for irregularities
  • Making sure your enamel and gum tissues are in good standing

Discover more facts regarding the advantages of oral exams

At Chestnut Hill Dental, we advise people in Chestnut Hill, MA to book annual dental exams. This lets our knowledgeable oral care team diagnose and treat oral wellness problems before they wind up more severe. If oral health complications are ignored, they can hurt your total wellness. Although skipping a dental exam may not initially seem like a big deal, oral wellness complications, like periodontal disease, can form and become more severe rapidly. To schedule an annual exam, get in touch with our qualified team at your earliest convenience.

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