Things to Try in the Event That You Have Bleeding Gums

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When you see a small bit of blood from your gums following brushing, you may mistakenly think it is a minor problem and leave it alone. Situations like bad brushing techniques, being pregnant, having an injury, and tender gums may bring about periodontal bleeding. It could also be a symptom of periodontal disease. To identify the cause of your bleeding gums and choose the best treatment plan, reach out to our team at Chestnut Hill Dental. When you have bleeding and puffy gum tissues, contact our Chestnut Hill, MA facility immediately to schedule a checkup with one of our dental professionals.

Ways to stop bleeding from the gums

Seeing blood when you clean your teeth could be a symptom of a serious problem. Inflamed, sensitive, and swollen gum tissues can come about because of gum disease, forming due to inadequate tartar elimination or inadequate oral health techniques. Discovering the problem behind bleeding gums with a dentist is key to identifying which procedure is required. In the meantime, we will review several effective tips to stop bleeding gums from our highly trained professionals at Chestnut Hill Dental.

  • Opt for minimal carbohydrates and sugary candies and cakes: Research has shown that watching your carb intake may likewise reduce your chances for periodontal disease and boost your dental wellness. Sweet treats and carbohydrates cause the formation of germs and buildup in the mouth.
  • Cleanse with warm salted water or peroxide: When bleeding gums emerge due to an injury to the mouth, cleansing using room temp salted water may eradicate harmful bacteria to reduce your chances for getting a dental abscess. Individuals could also consider cleansing with hydrogen peroxide. However, it's important to not swallow.
  • Raise your consumption of vitamin K and C: Vitamin C is a powerful vitamin that fortifies connective tissue and safeguards the lining of your gums. Meanwhile, vitamin K is an important vitamin that allows your blood to clot. When you have a deficiency in either, you could try eating certain veggies and fruits comprising these powerful vitamins or take supplements.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking both raises your risk for heart disease, stroke, and lung problems and has also been tied to gum disease. Using tobacco products could hinder your body's immunity, making it more difficult to fight off plaque and result in periodontal disease.
  • Use good dental techniques: If you don't clean your teeth two times a day, plaque can accumulate around the teeth and gum tissues. In the event that buildup is not cleaned, over time, it can lead to bleeding gum tissues, gum disease, or decay.

Contact our team when you need to go to a dentist or periodontist in Chestnut Hill, MA

People should see a professional if their symptoms don't recover within a couple of weeks of practicing these helpful tips. Individuals may need a thorough evaluation and biannual cleaning to remove plaque to let their gum tissues get better. At Chestnut Hill Dental, we provide professional teeth cleanings, periodontal cleanings, and scaling and root planing (SRP) treatments for people with bloody gum tissues or periodontal disease. For more, get in touch with our team or schedule a checkup at our Chestnut Hill, MA facility.

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