Signs to Know When a Missing Tooth Filling is a Dental Emergency

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Fixing a fractured tooth filling just isn't fun. If a filling comes loose, it's not typically classified as an emergency. However, it's imperative to visit a dental care provider as soon as you can since the cavity can develop in the region that was under the filling, resulting in a dental issue.

Injured teeth or other oral complications that are disregarded might negatively affect an individual's total dental health. At Chestnut Hill Dental, our experienced dentists will alleviate your pain at our welcoming oral care office in Chestnut Hill, MA. Read on to learn more regarding the right time to get emergency dental treatment for a loose dental filling.

Dental emergency 101

Usually, an emergency is classified as any case that involves bone injury, unmanageable bleeding, and other signs. Dire oral care complications require rapid attention. Below are several common dental emergencies:

  • Infected tooth
  • A fractured jawline
  • Fracture to the gum tissues
  • Missing tooth or restoration
  • Cracked filling

What are tooth-colored fillings?

Dental fillings are used to cover tooth material worn away by cavities. To take care of a cavity, our Chestnut Hill, MA dentists will clear away the affected portion of the tooth and cover the hole using a composite filling. Fillings might also be utilized to repair fractured teeth or even teeth that have been damaged by grinding and other habits. As soon as we eradicate the decay and clean the area, the dental filling material will be applied. When the placement process is finished, our dentists will shave off any extra material and polish your restoration.

Seek out our Chestnut Hill, MA office if you think you have a dental emergency

Tooth-colored fillings are incredibly reliable and may last a long time. However, this isn't always the case. It's not unusual for a filling to pop out due to use. In the event that you're suffering from this commonplace oral complication, you must ask for help soon. If you don't, it will result in additional concerns. The exact same bacteria that resulted in your cavity could fill the opening left by a chipped filling, causing further deterioration in your tooth. There is no way to fix a broken tooth filling by yourself. However, you can utilize several things on your own to lessen any discomfort prior to seeking professional help.

At Chestnut Hill Dental, our dental professionals make time for emergencies, including cracked fillings. Even when our practice is closed, calmly follow our instructions to learn things you can do for immediate dental care. When you have a dental complication or fractured tooth-colored filling, speak with our staff in Chestnut Hill, MA for help.

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