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Office Highlights

Our team believes that our Chestnut Hill Dental patients deserve to be pampered and treated to a distinctive and relaxing experience each time they visit our practice. Therefore, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with many luxuries that provide our patients with a spa-like experience upon their arrival and throughout their visit. From paraffin wax hand treatments and aromatherapy to chilled eye masks and warm neck pillows, we have designed our practice to deliver a memorable experience that rivals your favorite spa. As you arrive at our distinct Chestnut Hills Dental facility, you will be greeted by a welcoming staff that will make your sign-in process a breeze. Upon being led back for your consultation or services, be prepared to relax while skilled hands use advanced techniques to boost your oral health. Throughout your visit, note our supreme compassion and dedication to your experience. Schedule a visit in Chestnut Hill, MA today to learn more about our team, our philosophy, and our services.

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