Four Things to Avoid After Teeth Whitening

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Nothing dresses up a smile more than clean, white teeth. At Chestnut Hill Dental Health, our professional dental team offers professional-strength at-home whitening kits and in-office professional teeth whitening treatment. Our at-home teeth whitening kits are a safe and effective procedure to brighten your enamel and remove stains conveniently from your home in Chestnut Hills, MA. We customize your at-home whitening kit with mouth trays specific to your needs so that you can achieve the best possible results that suit you.

Who is the best candidate for professional teeth whitening?

If your tooth enamel appears dull or has yellow or dark stains, you may want to consider at-home teeth whitening. Many of our patients have tried whitening products from the store, but have found that they are ineffective, uncomfortable, or damage to your teeth and gums. At Chestnut Hill Dental, the amount of the whitening solution is customized to your existing enamel shade and goals. This makes it a great choice for patients with sensitive teeth.

What to expect with teeth whitening

If you’re using an at-home whitening kit, we will provide you instructions on how to use your teeth whitening kit properly. For in-office teeth whitening, we will protect your gums before treatment. Your treatment time will depend on the shade of your teeth and your goals for your smiles. At Chestnut Hill Dental Health, we can provide aftercare tips on things to avoid after teeth whitening treatment.

Things to avoid after getting teeth whitening

After having teeth whitening in Chestnut Hills, MA, there are some things to avoid after getting teeth whitening, including:

  1. Stain-causing beverages: Coffee, tea, tomato juice, citrus juice, and tea all can cause stains to the teeth. It’s especially important to limit exposure to these substances, especially after you have just had teeth whitening.

  2. Greasy, acidic, and colored foods or spices: There are many foods to avoid after whitening your teeth. Foods that are greasy, acidic, and colored can damage your tooth enamel. Avoid balsamic vinegar, red sauce, soy sauce, curry, berries, and acidic fruits.

  3. Smoking: Using tobacco products stains your teeth. Quit smoking, not only for your overall health but your oral health, too. It will help keep your teeth white.

  4. Colored dental hygiene products: Using toothpaste or mouthwash with dye in it can affect your tooth color. Instead, choose products specifically made for sensitive teeth, which are a side effect of tooth whitening.

Learn more about teeth whitening near me

Whether you’re considering in-office teeth whitening or at-home teeth whitening from Chestnut Hill Dental, you can conveniently enhance your smile with this treatment. Our expert team will help you meet your dental goals with professional-level whitening products combined with a customized treatment plan. To learn more about your teeth whitening options and how you can get the smile you’ve always wanted, schedule a consultation at our office in Chestnut Hill, MA today.

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