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What Is a Dental Crown?

If a tooth is damaged or worn down, it can be protected with a dental crown. Also known as a cap, crowns are custom made to fit over your tooth and colored to match your surrounding teeth for a seamless appearance. At Chestnut Hill Dental in Chestnut Hill, MA, a dental crown may be used to treat tooth decay, protect a weak tooth, restore a cracked tooth, or cover a discolored tooth. Our team of experienced and qualified dentists offers custom crowns with different materials to match your goals, including porcelain, metal, and porcelain over metal. Schedule a consultation at our upscale facility to learn about how a custom dental crown can strengthen or repair a tooth while also enhancing the overall appearance and health of your smile.

When Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A crown may be needed or desired in a variety of situations. They can be used to protect a decaying tooth to keep it from breaking or they can hold together an already cracked tooth. Crowns can also cover a worn-down or loose tooth. They can be utilized to support a tooth with a large cavity that cannot hold a normal filling, hold a dental bridge in place, or hide misshapen or discolored teeth. Crowns can be cemented to the tooth or attached to a dental implant. The material of the crown is chosen based on the location of the tooth. Metal or porcelain fused to metal (PFM) are usually stronger, so they are better for the less visible molars and pre-molars. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are often selected for the front teeth and custom made to match the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth. During your consultation, a member of our team will explain your options and help you select the best crown for your budget and needs.

How Do Dental Crowns Work?

At your consultation, our team will take impressions of your teeth so your crown can be custom made. If needed, a temporary crown can be placed over your tooth while your custom crown is being made. Once your crown is ready, the area to be treated will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Stronger sedation options may be available to calm any fears or anxieties. Once you are ready, we will prepare the tooth by removing any decay, then file down the tooth to make room for the crown. The crown will be cemented onto the tooth or attached to the dental implant. Once set, we will adjust the fit so your bite is correct.

What Can I Expect After Getting a Crown?

If only local anesthesia is used, you should be able to leave once your crown is placed and continue your daily activities. A member of our team will explain the best way to care for your dental crown, including foods to avoid and the best way to keep it clean. During your yearly examinations at Chestnut Hill Dental, our dentists will assess your crown and adjust the fit for comfort. He will tell you when the crown needs to be replaced, but with proper care, it should last for many years. If you notice any trouble with your crown (it becomes loose or falls out), contact our office immediately. Do not try to fix it or put it back in yourself since this can lead to a bad fit or infection.

Are Crowns Covered by Insurance?

Depending on your insurance coverage, a portion of the cost of your crown may be covered. After contacting your insurance carrier, our office can estimate your remaining expenses. During your consultation, we can help you select the best material for your crown that fits your budget. We will also discuss payment options, including medical financing to make your treatment more affordable.

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Improve the Health of Damaged Teeth

A single missing or damaged tooth can be repaired with a custom crown at Chestnut Hill Dental. Speak with our team about how a crown can protect your tooth from further damage and keep your other teeth healthy. With a wide variety of materials available, a customized crown can match your natural teeth for a beautiful smile. Contact our office in Chestnut Hill, MA to schedule a consultation today.

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